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Global Health Marketers is not a conventional SEO partner who sends you weekly reports without action. To achieve top results in the search engines we proceed with a documented number of steps starting with a complete site audit. We don’t rest till we reach the objectives.



With our PPC solutions and strategic planning, we’ll help you increase engagement, traffic and retention while driving ROI.



As a full-service digital marketing company, we will deliver your unique eCommerce website maximized for efficiency as an online storefront. It will offer easy-to-use payment processing integrated with a comprehensive inventory database and a proficient dispatch system. Our expert team will create cutting-edge design and functionality for your eCommerce site to drive sales quickly and efficiently, and streamline transactions.

Thought Leader

Thought leadership has become a legitimate tool to build brands. Thought leaders are trusted sources and help establish themselves as the message makers in their respective industries. Global Health Marketers will create a thought leadership strategy that will deliver a strong position for your industry and will cut through to drive and strengthen awareness quickly.



Reaching potential consumers in out of home locations is rapidly becoming a dynamic, interactive experience thanks to the deployment of video advertising in locations like shopping centers, public transport hubs, on city streets with digital screen billboards, and even on the sides of buses. We will design digital OOH media opportunities to deliver your branded message anywhere your target audience will congregate.



Partnering can create stronger, more competitive positions through collaboration while building ROI and awareness. We can help drive partnerships, identifying oppportunites for strengthening selling, product development, and future growth.


Featured Work…


Drive Leads

Our professional team will employ their market experience and expertise to design multi-channel media promotion strategies and search engine optimized campaigns that will drive your sales results. You will receive skilfully targeted, tracked and tested solutions to evolve your brand by engaging your target audience and attracting new, motivated customers, which generates quality leads.

We design customized strategies with ongoing performance analysis to ensure data-driven optimizations during your marketing campaigns, for maximum results. We work with your team as partners, to understand the needs of your clients, and address your goals. Together, we develop successful solutions for lead generation, and drive traffic into your sales funnel.

Digital Trends

Lab-Grown Fish Have Arrived

A German company, Bluu Seafood, is developing “lab-grown” fish, and will be premiering its first finished products as it prepares to begin the regulatory approval process for key markets in Asia, Europe and North America. Bluu Seafood was founded in 2020 (originally as Bluu Biosciences), and is one of many companies working to solve the world’s seafood production problems, such as overfishing, contamination from heavy metals and plastic, and cruelty. The company starts with a single “one-time” fish biopsy (the fish doesn’t have to be killed for this), and then uses stem cell technology to develop full cell lines in their lab.

A Pillow Detects Snoring and Inflates Airbags

The Motion Pillow 3 determines the user's head position and senses the sound of snoring, which triggers the airbags inside the pillow to inflate. The sleeper's head position is optimized without disturbing sleep, reducing or stopping snoring by securing the upper respiratory tract during sleep.
The Motion Pillow mainly consists of a control unit (Solution Box) with an acoustic sensor for receiving snoring sounds, an air pressure sensor for finding the location of the head on the pillow, built-in airbags, and a sub-module to maximize accuracy in detecting snoring sounds.


Will telehealth Continue to Innovate?

Telehealth continues to be a vital healthcare service, accelerated by the dominance of Covid. According to Fortune Business Insights, the telehealth market will grow north of $185 billion by 2026. In April 2020, over 43% of Medicare primary care visits were conducted via telehealth. Providers offering telehealth options are likely to benefit from greater patient volume. An estimated 40% of primary care appointments could be conducted remotely. Can the telehealth experience be enhanced? We’ll find out.

The Advantage of Virtual Critical Care Technology

One of the more significant healthcare innovations to date is virtual critical care technology which provides 24-hour, real-time supervision for critically ill patients. Two-way audio/video monitoring connects the ICU team to a central command center operated by critical care professionals. While monitoring patients in the ICU, this technology provides immediate alerts to the ICU team when needed. The goal of the ICU and virtual critical care team is to help patients stabilize and get out of the ICU as quickly as possible. The technology also allows patients cared for in smaller hospitals to benefit from services of larger organizations, reducing access barriers caused by distance.

Who Are the Latest Healthtech Disruptors?

Medable: A decentralized clinical trial platform, they bring treatments to market quickly. With a goal to offer access to everyone and drive precise outcomes, Medable provides an inclusive clinical trial experience that is both human and data-centered.

Oura: To more accurately track and optimize health, Oura developed a wearable ring that measures sleep, activity, recovery, temperature, heart rate, stress, and more.

Virta Health: The objective of this diabetes virtual care provider is reversing type 2 diabetes in its patients. The goal is normal blood sugar, no diabetes medications and good health. Virta focuses on the root cause of diabetes.


Tech Limits the Outcome of Climate Disasters

As climate shocks grow in frequency and intensity, the ways to prepare for and respond have left an open door for tech solutions. Technology exists to make most climate shocks predictable, limiting the impact on lives, livelihoods and costs of rebuilding. Satellite data with real-time on-the-ground sensor input, weather stations and local community input via SMS-based platforms, have been instrumental in modelling and quantifying the risks of climate-linked events in advance. From AI to next-generation earth observation and advances in GIS, to cloud computing, digital radio, SMS radio and USSD, these technologies can in combination provide early warning of impending shocks to governments and communities.

Outsource Your SEO

Industry-leading businesses know opting out of search engine optimization (SEO) just isn’t an option. Failing to embrace modern SEO techniques and adapting to Google-compliant algorithm changes can result in decreased search rankings as waves of competitors rush in to rise above you and gain Google’s first page real estate.

Businesses that develop and foster an in-house digital team to produce an ironclad SEO strategy, one that successfully drives visitors to find you before they find your main competitors, can come with downsides and substantial costs, including payroll expense, training, knowledge, software and more. Perhaps, it’s time to consider subcontracting your SEO services to an agency.

Here are the top four reasons why you should outsource your SEO to Global Health Marketers:

1.     You’re Hiring Experts in the SEO Field

SEO agencies have already vetted their best and brightest staffers–so you don’t have to. Instead of searching through a stack of CVs to find a quality candidate for your in-house work, an agency has already discovered, hired and trained them in SEO best practices. Think of how much time goes into the hiring process. Even after a new employee is brought on board, their future success and integration into your company can be uncertain. Maybe they aren’t as familiar with SEO as they said or perhaps they’re an expert in prior SEO practices, which relied on keyword jamming and other methods that won’t fly today.

Remember, search engine algorithms change rapidly. Often more than twice a year! It’s best to find an external marketing company devoted to following these twists and turns for a living. By hiring SEO experts from a top-rated agency, you’re also ensuring the best value for your money.

2.     You Already Outsource Your Online Services

Do you already have an agency handling your website content or development? If so, if they offer it, it’s worth paying a little extra for their SEO services. Ensuring your blog posts and social media content is keyword optimized for search engines will help propel your business to stronger Google rankings. Delegating a greater degree of responsibility to an agency you already work with and trust is also far more efficient and risk-free than scouting out a new one. After all, if you’re spending your marketing budget on content that isn’t search engine optimized, it’s frankly a waste of your financial resources. Harsh but true!

3.     You Don’t Have the Budget for an On-Site SEO Staff

Hiring an on-site SEO expert is an expensive paycheck to foot each month. Over the span of a year, a search marketing employee can typically earn between $60,000 to $90,000, which can be a heavy financial burden for a smaller company or fledgling startup. By hiring an SEO agency instead, your monthly payroll can drop to around $5,000 or less per month, which is far more affordable. Furthermore, many businesses aren’t constantly requiring SEO services. Having an agreement that scales up or down may be a better option. You may require only a single website optimization and once completed, it’s business as usual at your office.

4.    You’ll Need the SEO Tools That Matter

There are intuitive SEO tools that can provide SEO experts with data solutions and up-to-date methods to optimize sites. Tools like Searchmetrics, Moz, Botify, Deep Crawl and others can be expensive, time-consuming to use and require training which may not be in your business budget. Outsourcing SEO to an agency well-equipped with the latest analysis software can save time and expense in the long run.

Outsourcing your SEO to an agency like GlobalHealthMarketers.com will allow you to focus on what you do best: running the everyday operations of a successful company. Leaving your search engine optimization to a professional agency may be the best business marketing decision you make.